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YoHoHo Rum is more than a drink!

YoHoHo Rum is more than a drink
It is a state of mind

It is a warm breeze. A relaxing day on a beach
A sunset that shimmers as it eclipses the sea
These are the scenes that can be found where the YoHoHo Rum is born
We, the “YoHoHo Pirates of Good Deeds”
are proud to offer you a distinctly different rum.

If you have to describe The YoHoHo Rum in one
sentence;" It's out of this
world." One sip and you will agree simply incredible. Men and women alike love
the amazing smooth and natural fruit rummy taste without the overpowering
alcohol. Possibly the best thing ever bottled. So good, that you’ll think twice
about mixing it with anything. It tastes like you just squeezed the rum out of
the fruit it was made from.
"It will blow you away"

We invite you to visit Patrick’s on the Beach
and get a taste the real Philippines
For your reservation to one of the most exotic places in the world please
call Philippines Andreas cell 0918-725-7728 or Elizabeth cell 0920-402-4356
or email:

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Updated on 06/04/2008 10:19 AM by admin
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