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YoHoHo Income Opportunities

Success Made in the Philippines

“Become a YoHoHo Pirate of Good Deeds”

and make your dreams come true!

Earn a continuous income for the rest of your life and beyond

YoHoHo invites you to discover



Join Hands With Us


Do What You Really Like Most

For The Rest of Your Life!

 Without doubt our money making opportunities are THE NEXT EVOLUTION IN FREE ENTERPRISE and it truly will make a Significant Difference not only in your life but also in The Lives Of Many Filipino People!

All our activities address the following six human interest factors.

1.     Your Purpose in Life – discover where you came from and where are you going

2.     Health (Spiritual & Physical) - learn how to live in harmony with yourself

3.     Personal Gain  - Make money the right way – experience Success without Stress

4.     Philanthropy – Learn how you benefit when you to have time for others and help others

5.     Leisure – Have time for yourself and loved ones and enjoy fabulous vacations

6.     Commerce – Avoid to be an economical slave; rather build a commercial in heritance

We put emphasis on finding your Purpose in Life as this is the most important key to your happiness & success.

“ is no longer a decision of whether or not to do it,... but rather to be a part of something that is wholly dedicated to placing the creative aspects of your life into total awareness of finding your purpose in living in the service of others and in particular the Philippine Island Communities!”

 “It is so good in fact that discovering and choosing it as your future lifestyle... will lead you to experience the never ending joy of harnessing and sharing each others resources and especially your untapped skills!” We have been able to develop a program that the least likely prospect can succeed even if someone is blind, wheel chair bound, deaf or can’t speak.

YoHoHo Rum/Patrick’s on the Beach Resorts have teamed up with one of Europe’s largest and most successful Network Marketing Company LR Health & Beauty Systems GmbH. This venture is evolving into the most exciting and  promising money making opportunities ever entered into the Philippine market. It is truly an unbeatable combination from

“Success Made in Germany” to “Success Made in the Philippines”

We don’t seek of recruiting the masses but rather focus on each individual. Although anyone can join us; but to be involved as an independent sales associate you must participate in an introduction seminar.

We create actual partnerships in various businesses, from manufacturing, retail and wholesale outlets, resorts, restaurants, and many services. Our slogan is “PROMISE LESS AND GIVE MORE” Although we have established Seminar facilities in Manila and Cebu as well as other parts of the Philippines. However, we prefer to use Patrick’s Resorts as the basis of conducting Seminars which are always FREE of Charge. Meeting you at Patrick’s on the Beach Resort will give us a better opportunity to get to know each other and to consult you more effectively in your new business.

If you like to know more about our amazing income opportunities please complete the attached application form. Click here for application Form

Let us help you to plant our many making trees right where you are. No matter your present circumstances everyone can succeed with our “Success without Stress Formula”

You will become a Beacon of Success and Happiness by Sharing with Others

“Success Made in the Philippines”


For more information how you can become a Pirate of Good Deeds, supplement your Income about our outreach program click on your reservation to one of the most exotic places in the world please

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