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YoHoHo Mango Rum

The YoHoHo Story

From The Beautiful
Siargao Islands
of the Philippines

Here is the true Story of the YoHoHo Rum
Blended & Bottled on Siargao Island Philippines
This delicious blend of 100% real fruits and rum captures the Magic and Beauty of Siargao Island.

The YoHoHo all natural Mango Fruit Rum originated in the 18th century when pirates and bootleggers reigned in and around Siargao Islands. According to the recorded history pirates used to plunder and ransack the villages especially General Luna. In the 18th century the Catholic Church in General Luna got a large church bell donated by the German Catholic Church. The bell was so loud that it could be heard all the way to Surigao. Whenever the bell rang the pirates who were hiding in the surrounding islands, knew that everyone is in church. They took advantage of that situation and plundered the town. Besides taking all the material possession they also kidnapped many of the beautiful girls. When the locals realized that the loud bell was the give-away to alert the pirates the villagers got mad and destroyed the bell.

Legend has it that they were hiding many of their female prisoners for ransom in an amazing beautiful labyrinth of Lagoons, Coves, Caves and Islands about 30 minutes by boat from Del Carmen. It was a perfect location for outlaws to establish a base of operation. This area is now called the YoHoHo Lagoons, Caves, Coves & Islands. 

At that time there was a very prominent family in General Luna who knew how to make the delicious YoHoHo Mango Rum. Once, the Pirates kidnapped their beautiful daughter Andreliza and her friends. The Pirates hid the ladies at a labyrinth of enchanting coves, lagoons, caves and islands. On the island where Adreliza and her friends were held captive the Mango fruits were in season. Andreliza with her friends secretly made the delicious YoHoHo Mango Rum. When the Mango Rum was ready to be served they gave the Rum to the pirates. When the Pirates drunk the YoHoHo Mango Rum a miracle happened.

Overnight the Pirates became loving, kind and gentle and turned away from their evil ways.

At Patrick’s on the Beach Resort we keep the YoHoHo legend alive and still serve this delicious YoHoHo Mango Rum to our guests. Amazingly, the YoHoHo Rum has still the same effect to our guests. Whenever the YoHoHo Rum is served to a couple you can witness the result immediately. Especially, when in the following morning the lady comes out of her cottage with a big smile and her husband is holding her hand with a proud smile.

According to Patrick’s guests the YoHoHo Mango Rum Love potion really works. This and the exceptional delicious taste explain why so many guests purchase one or several bottles of YoHoHo Mango Rum to take back to their home to keep the happy YoHoHo vacation at Patrick’s alive.

Patrick’s on the Beach Resort is developing the YoHoHo Lagoons, coves, caves and islands as one of the most exciting tourist destinations in the Philippines. Presently Patrick’s on the Beach has included into their outing program an all inclusive, whole day boat adventure tour to the magic YoHoHo lagoons, coves, caves and islands. When you join this trip you will know why there is a little bit of Pirate in us all. When getting there you may meet some of the descendents of the YoHoHo pirates who may hint to you where some of the treasures have been, and perhaps still are, hidden.

Created on 02/04/2008 12:43 AM by admin
Updated on 02/05/2008 11:23 AM by admin
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