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It’s YoHoHo time

YoHoHo! YoHoHo! Finally, we are going into the long awaited special reserve production with the amazingly delicious YoHoHo Mango Rum.

The first batch of YoHoHo Rum special reserve production will be made available to our friends, our wonderful guests and also our prospect guests who plan to visit Patrick’s on the Beach in the near future. This special production offer is limited. Each bottle will be signed by Andreas who discovered the secret formula of the Siargao Island YoHoHo Rum.

This special reserve production offer is bottled in 750ML bottles and packed 12 bottles per case. We invite you to purchase one or more cases of this special reserve production of YoHoHo Mango Rum at Php10,000.00 per case.

Each case purchased by you will be clearly marked with your Name and Production ID number. We will store the case for you at NO Charge at our Siargao Warehouse. At your next visit to Patrick’s on the beach we will personally hand over to you the reserved case of Special Reserve YoHoHo Mango Rum. If you live in the Philippines, you can request to have your case delivered to your home.

Here is our VERY Special Offer to You.

For each case of special reserve YoHoHo Rum that you purchase for Php10.000.00 each, we will give you a Credit Voucher of Php10,000.00 that you may use toward the deduction of your bill when you visit Patrick’s on the Beach. In other words, your case of Rum is absolutely FREE once you redeem the Voucher which is transferable. The Voucher can be used towards any Patrick’s on the Beach billing such as Accommodation, Restaurant, Bar, Rentals, Tours and/or Souvenir Shop

If you decide not to drink the Special Reserve Rum while at Patrick’s, we can store them in special cases to avoid damage while in transit. We encourage you to buy one or more cases and introduce this fabulous offer to your friends and loved ones. Your participation will plant the seed with one of the most exciting charitable outreach programs here in the Philippines.

For each case of special reserve YoHoHo Rum sold, we will donate 200 “Food For The Needy” healthy meals to needy families. These healthy meals are prepared in pouches of 5 meals per pouch. The meals are made with brown rice, Soya, dehydrated vegetables and 21 essential Minerals and Vitamins. When eaten daily, the health of the malnourished child will greatly improve. He may now actively participate in any of the school and other related children’s activities. When regularly taken by adults, they become productive and effective in their respective areas of responsibilities.

We have devised a unique and effective food distribution method. Our participating associates may elect one family in a squatter area and offer a 5 member family free healthy meals for one month – that would be 150 meals for 30days. Our distributor associate will explain the family that, after the first month, they can receive another free ration for 30 days provided that they will clean their surroundings and remove their garbage to maintain cleanliness in their homes.

If you live in the Philippines and want to actively participate in the distribution of these healthy meals to needy families, please contact us and/or visit us at Patrick’s on the Beach where we will be happy to give you a Free Seminar about our charitable network program as well as various exciting income opportunities.

Beside the charitable food program, we are also involved with the rehabilitation of reefs and alternative income opportunities for fishermen and their families. Php50.00 of every bottle of YoHoHo Rum sold will be applied toward ecological rehab programs. When you visit Patrick’s on the Beach we will be more than happy to show to you some of these projects. We count on you to recommend our delicious YoHoHo Rum to your friends and associates.

I thank you for continuously planting your good seeds to make a positive difference in making the Philippines a better place to live for all residents and visitors alike.

To secure your case(s) of special reserve YoHoHo Mango Rum, please place your order now and fill out the form below to recieve your YoHoHo Vacation. Just complete the required form.

I look forward to welcome you in Paradise soon and enjoy one of your best vacations ever.

Kind regards,

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